Invisible Lift-Up Bra

– Easy to use
– Easy to clean with lukewarm water and mild soap
– Available in sizes B up to F


Do you want your wedding outfit to have the perfect fit?

  • When you want your wedding outfit to have the perfect fit, than you need to choose the special items of the Essentials Collection of Poirier. With this invisble, self-adhesive silicone bra you create a lift-up effect with which your wedding attire gets the perfect fit. The invisible bra is a perfect item to wear when you have chosen a wedding dress with a very low or transparent back, but also when you made the choice to wear a dress with a (very) deep cleavage. Next tot his, you can wear this item underneath a more casual choice of clothes. This bra is easy to use because of its transparent self-adhesive silicone strips which are attached to 2 its seperate cups; the strips are stuck on your back to create the lifting effect of this bra. This bra is available in the color “skin”, and in sizes B up to F.

How can this bra be used?

  • In the video below you can see how this bra is used.

How can this silicone bra be cleaned?

  • This silicone bra can be cleaned by washing it by hand with lukewarm water, and a mild type of soap. Afterwards the bra needs to be naturally air-dryed. By undertaking these steps you can wear this amazing bra over and over again.Important information: Make sure to not put on bodylotion before wearing this bra, because by doing so the self-adhesive strips will deteriorate.

    Choose the perfect fit, choose the Essentials Collection of Poirier.


  • Product: STA-04 – Invisible Lift-Up Bra
  • Features: 100% silicone cups, 100% silicone adhesive strips
  • Use: – Easy to use
    – Available in sizes B up to F
    – Can be washed effortlessly, and used again
    – can be used underneath all sorts of wedding attire, but also
    underneath casual clothing
    – Anti-allergic, and gentle on the skin